Welcome to my little stash of feature-length scripts.

Below you'll find loglines and links to previews of some of my feature-length screenplays. If the teaser whets your appetite for more, feel free to contact me via either of the methods over there ---->


Contained Thiller


To save his kidnapped wife, Jarrod must use all of his wits and skills to escape a super-hacker who has trapped him in his office and can see his every move.


Supernatural Action/Horror


Once Jesus raises you from the dead, you stay risen. So Lazarus has been walking the earth since Jesus was a boy, literally, and he hasn’t been a couch potato these past two millennia. No, he’s picked up lots of tricks and suffered many losses. Coaxed out of his self-imposed seclusion, our reluctant hero battles a sorceress and her demon henchmen for the soul of a young girl and existence as we know it.

Lazarus 1st Act.pdf
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Bitter Fruit

Multi-generational Horror


Human drama and ghost story blend together in a tale of atonement, revenge and forgiveness in which a man, who was forced to witness a lynching as a child growing up in the south, returns to his ancestral home to confront the ghosts of his past for the sake of his family.

Bitter Fruit 1st Act.pdf
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Dead Tomorrows



How does a survivor of a murdering psycopath cope with normal life after being held captive for weeks? And how normal can life be when the supposedly dead son (and accomplice) of the murdering psychopath has a crush on her?

Dead Tomorrows 1st Act.pdf
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Getting By

And now for something completely different - A Civil War Comedy


When a series of unfortunate incidents leads a man, who has no interest whatsover in fighting, war, or owning another human being, to become a slaveowner and a soldier in the confederate army, he will do anything from feigning brain trauma to swindling an entire town and even romancing a gal who may just be his conniving equal to escape his predicament.

Getting By 1st Act.pdf
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